Home is where the eart|H|eart is within the Bagua Center what IS IS in 8X8=64 in ONE Image, Genesis 8:17 & 1:27 (0.37037037…) and 10X10X10 “a thousand points of light”

Alpha to Omega in the diamond mirror planes of Carbon 12 (666)

Hello eart|H|eart!

Before you get started, please do read and reflect upon True OTT’s write-up titled Understanding the Nine Veils

Please do read Understanding the Nine Veils enter a self assessed veil level in your comment para para para parenthesis, as we are all at different levels of Lucifer’s illusory light of camera obscura within the perspective of the cubic thought form, and babbling Babylonian bird words, so mote it be… and so it is I AM IS BE. With that perhaps I can attempt to meet you at your level?

Causality, driven through the reflection of subject|object, action-reaction in the mirror of duality, best in response within the musical spheres of Solfeggio; Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti musicology of Morphogenic Matrix Math (MMM) where the magic of Camelot is made real again… or for the adept “real enough” in the magnificence of 369 as the secret to the universal being in the Adam Kadmon.






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