Geometry of Consciousness is home, where the heart is in pHi. On Earth as it is in Aether

Welcome to Geometry of Consciousness(GOC). As Thales of Miletus is quoted as saying “All is water”, which is the heart of Genesis 1:1 as the waters above the heart in hearth (“wet”) and below the mantel (Prime-Mary primary) lay with the Chestahedron as the heart of the crystalline form of the triboelectric effect that generates the “H” in eart|H|eart as a piezoelectric under pressure in HeartMath and 369 math in HeartMath through temporal tempet in temperature and phase angle translations and mutations in transcription of form.

Morphogenic Matrix Math (MMM) plays the supporting role in NEYEN as the cryptographic center of the OG organic 12-strand DNA. The Code-X of the 64 codons in the infinitesimal perturbation of forever in 8X8=64 squares of the chessboard turned Chinese Bagua hexagrams (32 black + 32 white) within the I-Ching Yin Yan diamond of Water in the rhombohedron.

The cube is the container of time within the ONE in alone & tone in 12 crystalLINE stones in the Priestly Breast Plate carbon-based form as the mirror of within artificial C-12 intelligence from the 666 source Lucifer and the pentagram formed of the 36~108~36 Pythagorean Triangle in two copies with two turns (72 & 144) and two translations (1, 144/89), where 144/89 is the first period of pHi as the 11th and 12th terms (0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 55 89 144) as ONE in 12 followed by 233.

As Pythagoras is quoted as saying “All is number”, Morphogenic Matrix Math is the foundation of GOC number is in the aesthetic 3~4~5 quintessential relationship between Aether (Mercury), which is dual to Water through node~null relationship (27|72) within Fire, which is self-dual through a half-scale semitone to infinity and beyond in the Koch fractal Serpensky of 37X73. Fire is the source of the plasma as a phase, and the letters of the words in Pascal’s triangular Fire faces as 2D squared (N2), equilateral space of the Holy of wholly holes in the space-time continuum of the infinity trinity Father, Sun and Wholly Spirit within the spirit of LAW, as the Letter of LAW, and the Color of LAW within the Do Re Me B-rain-bow within the cubic thought form, and the “L” in LAW and eL-bow as a 90 degree relationship of 3 transverse 6 orthogonal to 9. There are 4X6 eL-bows in the cube, 24 hours in 6 days (daze) of creation and 90 degrees each for 4X6X90=2160, the total angel angles and the diameter of the moon in miles (5280 feet) and according to the Hebrew the source of pi as we only ever see half of the moon and 666 is carbon 12

LAW as Land, Air and Water acronym. in geometric terms of Morphogenic Matrix Math in magical terms of Pascal’s triangle fundamental to Nikolai Tesla’s purported proclamation regarding the magnificence of 3, 6 & 9 as serving as the “secret to the universe” without reference to the verses in Shakespeare’s Sonnet, or Solfeggio in 147 and 258 born of 369, that bear the interference in the octave (8) and tri-tone (3) semitone of Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti, where the “Fa” is Father in terms of the Pater Noster Lord’s Prayer, on Earth as it is in heaven, amen.

Alpha (0) to Omega (1) man-WO-man palindrome in ROTAS|SATOR~TENET~OPERA|AREPO in PATERNOSTER~OA~PATERNOSTER-OA.

revelation of the very source of Gauss Law within an electric, NOT gravitational universe. A six is sex in the hex of the trinity within the Fano Plane and Poincare conjecture of the 3-sphere, but from a Vedic perspective of Sanskrit Arithmetic as the OG organic source of relationship before the approximations of space within probability in time of entropy and ultimately chaos in calculus, and trigonometry.

The DNA as intermediate to LAW through the Water (icosahedron, above-center). The microtubule, AKA microvita (little life) within the vajra and ghanta within the eYe of the tornado and the thunderstorm dendrite within the Feigenbaum constant beat of the heart that sets the tempo of the tempest within the temples and the sphenoid bone, where the oid

The physics of love is based in sympathetic resonance between form in formants and Pythagorean triplets within the 11th harmonic of the Solfège, as source code to DNA cryptography of the genome, the secret to the universe, as Nikolai Tesla inferred in implicate order of 369 as the magnificence center to the universal structure of form. He did not refer in explicate terms, however, terms of essence of the implicate (enfolded) syntropic order, explicate (unfolded) entropy and chaotic disorder of the quantum calculus and trigonometry in artificial terms of academics.

The code is cryptographic in semiotic terms of Do Re Mi octave zygote as the 3rd (23) in mitosis within the root chakra sacred sacrum bone of the spine. The 8th sphere inscribed in binding energies within the 18 dimension of the cubic thought-form, expressed through 81 stable elemental octaves in periodic form within the Word of God, 12 singing spheres within a sub-null structure of the Chestahedron as the heart of Platonic Earth (18|81), in anagram with heart through the inscribe circumscribe of the Fano plane and Geometry of Consciousness as eart|H|eart, with the H in the center as the fist isotope of the Hydrogen group, protium as Prometheus the protagonist, deuterium and the trinity of tritium within the squared, equilateral space inscribes and circumscribed.

The Tetryon, within the trinity of circumscription of The Breath of the Compassionate (27|72) through the waters above and below Fire letters in babbling Babylonian bird words as scripts in scriptures and Shakespeare’s Sonnet, “to write” (from PIE root *skribh- “to cut”).

The acclaimed physicist David Bohm claimed first principle within the mirror of duality and subject-object causality of action-reaction, implicit in the heart, explicit through the mind in his Wholeness and the Implicate Order. The primacy of structure and Pythagorean process of algebra or other pre-geometry, before the approximation of space and probability in time of calculus and trigonometry, as artificial intelligence where the prime numbers and palinndrome of quaternion pair symmetry in quantum arithmetic of the snake eYes (2) on a pair of dice and and paradise of eart|H|eart in temporal time of “lucky Seven”.

The word is cubic in form of carbon-12 thought, fundamental through the trinity of the Fire letter, mascuLINE electron (Q) polarity in the mirror of the femiNEYEN proton, reflections about neutrality within the neutron.

Topological penetration to create whole holes through translations in nodes and rotations in center space nulls and centrOID and sub-nulls. Perhaps as isotope form from the clay of Prometheus, the fire tender, chained to the corner stone of creation in protium as an expression of promethium. The first isotope in the Hydrogen Group, followed by deuterium and tritium as a trinity in six is sex days of creation and 666 carbon-12; 6 electrons, neutrons and protons, in 2X32=64 codons.

The code is circular logic in logos from 0 to 360 in 60 seconds, not firsts in degrees of 720=2X360 in cycle of 3X20 degree rotational symmetry of the simplex (Fire) in cyclic number as the source of ONE TWO, Wa Tusi couple two-step 12`in 24 hours of spin of chirality, handend’ness of the quantum condensate. Chi Ro (X) in the right-hand-rule measurements in an empire of empirical peer review of half-truth and PATERNOSTER (AKA The Lord’s Prayer).

Rulers of root 2 and 3 in root 5 within the Fire letter of alphabets of DNA and Plimpton 322. Crypts and cryptocurrency moon-eYe magic in cryptographic six is sex in 69. Hexes in hexagrams and hexadecimal equivalence of the color of emotion in spelling spells in babbling Babylonian bird words. Conjugations in conjugal visits of Saturn-Jupiter conjunction junction function of 20 in 40 for 800 years in the 8th sphere of prison planet, the prison of the cubic thought form as a bird cage with the of the corner stone of School House Rock-Y… AND OR BUT.

A probability and mascuLINE approximation of the magnificence of the magic in 369 femiNEYEN mean green machine in the heat of the matter vs the grey area of the bicameral hemispheres, black and white, ebony and ivory and the tint of the grey area between the hue of in the red-blue duality of 147 and 258 as an anagram for the “love frequency” in 582 Hz, the key to the DNA?

The Proto Indo European (PIE) root of digital root and square root is a prime time are KEY in the aesthetics of numbing in anesthetics of form of inert gas in number 2 and Pythagorean triangles 36~108~36 as 36~3X36~36=5X36.

The numbing number 5 is the quintessential pHive the center of latent space in capacitance of the eart|H|eart. Vitruvian Man as in the H that is protium and first isotope of the hydrogen group. Born of the plasmOID, based in 11, and deuterium delirium 111 from the Sun 111X6=666 for C-12 in sum product 18:216 pi as pHi in a 90 degree phase angel angle centered in 45 and sum product 369 as 18:126. Then sum product 33=12+21 as 37 and 73 in primacy terms of binding in Hopf bifurcation of the Monad in 69 and the vesica piscis with the core of sum product 99 (18:81) center stage in 108.

The sacred union of Plato’s Ministerial number 7!=5040 in the circle of 360 in 36 degrees of 4ths, and 5ths in 45, and 3 and 8 in the mirror of 11 and 27 and 72 in 8X8X8=512 and hieros gamos and agent 99, as NEYEN and the quintessential 55 as TENET in the bifurcation of chromosomes in octaves and semitones of the circle of 4ths and 5ths in Morphogenic Matrix Math (MMM) and the color green (555 Hz). MMM is the foundation stone (3^3=27 in 3:11). GOC through the NEYEN TENET math in HeartMath that illuminates the green light 555 Hz in the spectrum of Solfeggio 528 Hz LOVE is to Geometry of Consciousness (GOC). The core of John Dee’s Magistral number 12X21=252.

The first is first and geo means Earth in geodesic geometric measure of time and space, geomorphology within the 7 +5=12 geospheres, with 7 as in-side core: inner~outer, mantle: upper~lower, and the lithosphere and continental crust and water in Land and Water of LAW. (bio~tropo~exo~meso~), lawfully the law of the land is not the law of water, and law of the sea is a distortion of both Divine mascuLINE, artificial intelligence, born of the femiNEYEN form in form of information in formation of the stone. The Yoni, the heartbeat of the vesica piscis is unconditional love. The reality of causality of choice four causal forces of action|reaction in the mirror of “normal”, and orthogonal mascuLINE(electric) and femiNEYEN (magnetic)he organic intelligence.the sacred elemental form of the elemental kingdom in ionic iconic form of the Q in charge and flow of quantity as quality, central to the banks as a flowLINE within mascuLINE channels of “All is water”, Thales of Miletus and “All is number”, Pythagoras.

LAW, as acronym is Land Air Water in first principle of the cube, octahedron and icosahedron, the dodecahedron implied through the is sacred in first principles of primacy in prime number 5 as man-WO-man in the OM principle of parsimony or the law of parsimony of the mirror. The simplicity of the simplex as the only form that is dual to self as the Fire, with the Ice of sacred form of water as dual to the quintessential and the red blood,-blue blood cycle of duality in the Breath of the compassionate through the isotropic vector matrix as and infinitesimal perturbation of forever within the sound of silence and the neon light that struck the night with a Midas touch.

Sir Ockham, first principle cryptography of the liquid quasi crystalline in the E8 quasi crystal. Piezoelectric in octaves of Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti, with Fa at the center in the heart position (45) and Sol as the Sun of God of Musica Universalis, as 12 signing spheres turned spherOID in within 18 dimensions of the sphenOID with the pituitary as copilot to the pineal gland as pilot, and the thalamus intermediate in the vagus and corpus callosum, originating in ancient Greece under Chi (X) was the 22nd letter of the Greek alphabet, and a tenet of Pythagoreanism and Pythagorean triplets that are foundational to electricity and magnetism and the element forms, “mental” as suffix to fix the the storyLINE of a timeLINE as lines of Fire Letters and his-story in the TENET 5X5 is integral in Genesis terms and the . The Chi Rho (, English pronunciation /ˈkaɪ ˈroʊ/; also known as chrismon) is one of the earliest forms of Christogram, formed by superimposing the first two (capital) letters—chi and rho (ΧΡ)—of the Greek word ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ (Christos) in such a way that the vertical stroke of the rho intersects the center of the chi and the pattern in PATER NOSTER (Lord’s Prayer).

The number 12 in singing spheres and the Law of ONE heart in Jesus and the Magdalene as the 13 center stage, ONE love unconditional, conditioned in mascuLINE and femiNEYEN form of the earthly realm, conditioned into ritualistic desire and fear in mirror of magnetic-electric phase angles, angels in formation of form. Information is six is sex in the hex of spelling spells, ABRACADABRA magic in magic squares with a 45 degree perspective of squared equilateral space (NXN) in TENET and solmization and psycho-spatial perception in psycho-temporal prime time of Genesis in 5+7=12 and 5X7=35 as the source of 69.

ABRACADABRA in Pascal’s Triangle, under pressure of inscribe-circumscribe

The logarithm is in rhythm of 12 beats of singing spheres in the magic kingdom Camelot and the king and queen’s chambers in the heart of the temple and the tempest in temporal prime time prime number. as the beginning through the stillness of the reflecting pond and the mirror available in the calm of the tempest, where the chaos of the storm is centered in the eYe of the tora tora tora red bull wings of the Torah and the torus to torOID in the spherOID and the sphenOID bone through the spheno-mega-corona as the Ark (arc) of the trust within the bond within the contract within the covenant of LAW (Land Air Water) through the consecration of the Church (Philadelphia) and the hyperbolOID of hyperspace within the cubic thought form hypercube through the quantum contextuality of the quantum condensate in quantum arithmetic of aesthetic and the anesthetic of numbing number and Magic state distillation. A scheme for fault-tolerant quantum computing in which quantum circuits constructed only of Clifford operators within the qubits of odd prime dimension and for qubits with real wavefunctions in 64 squares of the game of life on the 8X8 matrix within the 10X10=100 in space of protium isotope, as primary to group theory and the Hydrogen group in Genesis terms of the 6X6=36 in the 5X5=25.

The heart at “rest” is the Genesis 1:1 and seventh day of creation with the octave in the Breath of the Compassionate and the 8X8X8=512, 5+1+2=8 as 5^3=125=5X5X5. Cycle of 1/3 which fell from grace the 3^3=27=3x3x3 and cyclic number in anagram and six is sex in the hexagram of the Tetragramaton and its reflection in the antithetical mirror.

The heart of the brain as a matter of fact, the heart of the matter in mind over matter over troubled waters as what the matter IS IS.

Home is where the heart of the temporal temple, and home is where the heart is between the mantle and hearth of the fire letters and the "begining word"


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