Home is where the eart|H|eart is within the Bagua Center what IS IS in 8X8=64 in ONE Image ONE Dove in 6+4=10, 1+0= ONE in 1269=64, Genesis 8:17 & 1:27 (0.37037037…) and 10X10X10 “a thousand points of light” within TENET and the Skull & Bones

Alpha to Omega in the diamond mirror planes of Carbon 12 (666)

Right-Eye of Horus

The word-forming element of OID in the spherOID of the sphenOID and the shpenomegacorona in the egg-head OvOID and PlasmOID para para para parables in meaning “like, like that of, thing like a ______,” in metaphor. From Latinized form of Greek oeidēs (three syllables), from eidos “form,” in formation of information.

Fire letters are plasma in torOID formation of TEN vowels of the commandments as the “word of God”, related to idein to see,” eidenai to know;” literally “to see” (from PIE *weid-es-, from root *weid- “to see”). The -o- is connective or a stem vowel from the previous element. Often implying an incomplete or imperfect resemblance to the thing indicated.

Hyperbole of the hyperbolOID in hexagonal hyperbolic hyperspace of the photon cone within the hypercube of the angel angle Metatron in 45 degree perspective of the Tetractys double-triple action in 12 singing spheres of quantum contextual terms of the reality of opposing spiritual and physical perceptions.

Platonic Earth is a cubic structure based in carbon 12, and the word as a thought. The thought is centered in the heart, between the uterus and mind and regulated by the pituitary as the copilot of Cloud NEYEN in Kordylewski Clouds, within the 60 degrees of the 8 muscles of the heart and the photon cone through past|future mirror projections in space of time in the HERE and NOW. The heptahedron is formed through crystallographic truncation of the hexahedron within the Chestahedron as paradise in a pair-O-dice (1+1=3) where the central dice is the image of GOD within the Breath of the Compassionate.

The breath is centered with the ehart in the lung, Platonic Air driven to cycle through Morphogenic Matrix Math within arithmetic spiral of constant angular velocity in ellipsis of the ecliptic and eclipses in elliptical form of Kepler’s Law, and the orbits of planets around the Sun (Protium-H) as the ONE within the NEYEN sacred saints (144K) in geometric cyclOID action of the Archimedean spiral and sacred qusi-crystalline flux of correspondence; as above-so below~as within-so without Gnostic first principles.

The Code-X of Photo 51 is within the 1~8 of 8X8 codons and the triboelectric effect of static shear (147|258) between noble gas neutrality of inert inertia within the color of emotion and ion (eYe-ON) exchange of charge, between fear (147) and love (528). This process puts 3690 into a state of chiral spin under the influence of the vacuum in sacred blood and the quantum condensate chirality of the Swastika in1080, in the “background” of the quantum contextuality of magic state distillation of errors (entropy) in approximations of space and probability in time of hyperbole in Dante’s Divine Comedy within the triskelion trinity Inferno (Hell), Purgatorio (Purgatory), and Paradiso (Paradise) on the Isle of Man (Vitruvius) within three attributes: firmitas, utilitas, and venustas (“strength”, “utility”, and “beauty”) in Tetralogic of microvita. Perception is everything in perspective of para para para parallel paths, but there’s always time to change the path you’re on, the “third rail” is prescribed with this work, neutrality of the neutrino-anti-neutrino &147|258) within the tachyon (NEYEN) between 36 degrees of 360 in TEN NET, vesica piscis as the Yoni and larynx of the throat chakra between the chords and cords.

The moon-eYe magic of the all-seeing “EYE of Providence” sits atop the 13 steps of the truncated pyramid on the obverse of the United States ONE dollar bill (ISIS=$$). Under the Papal Bull of Unam Sanctam, and the ONE dove as One God, One Faith, One Spiritual Authority, Pope Boniface VIII, promulgated November 18, 1302.

So the obverse of the ONE dollar bill is IN GOD WE TRUST, but without circumspection of who’s “GOD” and what “TRUST” within the inscribe, circumscribe of squared equilateral space of the NOW in TENET time of Pater Noaster and the Lord’s prayer… “on Earth as it is in heaven” which is a tenet of GOC and MMM in palindromic anagram eart|H|eart where the “|H|” is in protium in the PUM and in pi and p|H|i and cycles of OM 108 in 180|801 degrees of a circle and the 1/2 of symmetric form, in proportion of the fractal recursion nesting of the phyllotaxis and 137.5 degree in cycles of 138 as timeLINEs “turned” circles in Thales Theorum and phase conjugation in translations and transcription of the scribe in scripture and the 360 degrees of the circle of cycle in circular logic of the logos in the logic of the Tetragrammaton in Tetralogic of Yod He Vav Hey.

801 is the sum of a square and positive cube in more than one way, and a sum of distinct positive cubes in more than one way:

801= = 172+83 = 262+52 = 13+23+43+63+83 = 23+43+93

In the gematria of 2nd century bishop Irenaeus, 801 stands for both the Greek word for a dove, and for Alpha and Omega, and therefore represents God in two ways.

  • One is my dove, my perfect one. She is the only one, the chosen of her who bore her,‘ and she represents one sole mystical body whose Head is Christ and the head of Christ is God [1 Cor 11:3]

Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 and the birth of the “ship” in relationSHIP and the citisenSHIP of Cesstui Que Vie Trust in the certificate is key to sovereignty corporation’s fiat serves as sigil in symbolic terms of magic and noble gases in noble metals silver (Ag) and gold (Au) and ages in 259.2X100=12X2160=25,920 in four ages of the Great Year within which the Great Work is done, by the 100K that chose to do the work,,, not “chosen” per se. The Triple Crown (mind~soul~body, within the reality of opposing spiritual and physical (temporal) perceptions is far from trivial and likely triggers Plato and John Dee’s Double, in the octave (2X) and double-edged sword of semantics in semiotics of Solfeggio Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti solmization, and the routine of attributing meaning to light from within the stillness to the light of the semi-tone (X/2) and the inverse-square law of an ever-changing quais-crystalline hyperbolic egg-carton universe.

This condition is known as “Maya” within the NEYEN steps of the ziggurat, or Lucifer’s illusory light as no-thing in relative terms, at the forefront of plasma (ever-thing in Ahriman).

An early Masonic version of the Eye, with clouds and a semi-circular glory hole in holy matrimony of 120 degrees of 12 cycles (Aether/Light/Energy~144) around protium’s melting point in feigenbaum constant within the cardiac fractal heartbeat in the OID of the cardiOID and correspondence between the Mandelbrot set (a) and the Feigenbaum bifurcation tree, DOuble down oxidation-reduction chamber of the cube-octahedron as the jitterbug of the 64 tetrahedron of the isotropic vector matrix of the photo-electric in the photon cone.

The Geometry of Consciousnesses is based in the cubic thought form within isometric perspective of religion in terms of Christianity as the cross folded, the Star of David in Hebrew term with the hexagram at the center the cube in isometric view, and in Islam there is the Kaaba in Mecca where Muhammad fixed the black stone, where all of the Islamic faith must complete a pilgrimage and circumnavigate the Kaaba seven times, counter-clock-wise (7)

The ontology that gave rise to the epistemology within the cubic thought form at the center of Geometry of Consciousness has it’s foundation in the Skull & Bones as the nexus to the spiritual and temporal swords of Unam Sanctam 1302, and the block letters that form babbling Babylonian bird words & conjunction junction functions (AND OR BUT), the feather plum is mightier than the sword when it is transformed from scales of the fish and reptile who all lay eggs, and the egg is ovOID in geometric parlance, but the olOID is the source as pi (22/7), where the egg is pHi (1444/89~cyclic in 12, 24 subsequently~to infinity within the Pythagorean gap where the plasma becomes manifest.

Sometimes words (cubes) have two meanings in the mean thought of Janus the Two-Face; “heads I win tails you lose in the game of live|evil mirrors of chiral form, on average (1/2) hands down quintessential in water and 55. Three faces, four with bases (home plate is where the heart is) in Fire Letters and four causal forces centered in pHive, with 7 & 9 in the six is sex hex, and bondage in bolts and Archimedes screw and the dendrite in the lightning-bolt of, binding within the plasma pinch of the fine, dressed to the NEYEN of space and time and subatomic particles.

The superposition of coincidence in space of synchronicity, entangled in time of 789 hexagrams in spelling spells from Babylon. Which is why 6 is afraid of 7, because 789, and a stitch in time saved 9 from 7 though 11 and emergency 911, at the top of the ninth inning stretch of the 108 stitches in the base-ball (sphere) in the diamond of the olOID. Flavors of form are tones and hues in up-down|charm~strange|top-bottom chiral symmetry of red-blue lright-left poly-ticks of the Telephone Game antonym, synonym, contranym or homonym, and neuralinguistic “nice” and “smart” programming in “junk” DNA and rotten roots in radical radix in square roots PIE roots, and Babylonian Plimpton 322 Skull & Bone square roots