Home is where the eart|H|eart is within the Bagua Center what IS IS in 8X8=64 in ONE Image ONE Dove in 6+4=10, 1+0= ONE in 1269=64, Genesis 8:17 & 1:27 (0.37037037…) and 10X10X10 “a thousand points of light” within TENET and the Skull & Bones

Alpha to Omega in the diamond mirror planes of Carbon 12 (666)

Ecclesiastes 1:9 is first law to Deuteronomy as second law in the mirror of Master number 11. Nothing new under the sun, perhaps save the Chestahedron?

Revelation 1:8; the Alpha and Omega is the beginning and ending of the circle of cycle in the mirror of good|bad live|evil in the devil|lived in the wolf|flow mirror of sheep’s costume.

The mirror of the palindrome and the and that which IS IS, in latent space of the NXN magic of the Lo Shu 3X3, in correlation with Solfeggio in the 8X8=64 in the Bagua, I- Ching yin yang blue red polarity in the opposing faces of the octahedron and the heartbeat of an octave, Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti in the Chestahedron with the Fa as the base and center of the Fa-NO plane.

The Rubik’s central cube, ONE of 27=33 and the primal point of focus at the center of rotational inertia at the moment in the momentum of NOW and the present of presence in the conservation of OG organic intelligence of sacred Land Air Water (LAW).

Revelation 1:8

I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.”

Ecclesiastes 1:9

The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

The beginning is the ending in the mirror of 45 degrees as the mascuLINE (4+1=5) & femiNEYEN (5+1=6) and the RIB of Adam in that which came before the supernatural neutrino NEYEN, superluminal superimposed in the tachyon. Instantaneous in “coincidence” of space entangled in the synchronicity of prime time 2 3 5 in protium.

First in line of the Hydrogen group. The proton protium protagonist on Shakespeare’s Sonnet stage. The character is Janus the two-face, heads I win, tails you lose in polarity of red and blue poly-tick.

The poly is many, and ticks love blood, sacred red blood-blue blood and the Breathy of the Compassionate, intermediate in the heart.

See (OID), All secrets are in plain sight of the hyperbole. Obscured by camera obscura inverted in time of the bicameral grey matter, in contrast with grey area of tint as a hint of the 7 rays in 42 degrees of the rainbow between ebony and ivory, within the hyperplane of paradise in a pair of dice.

Ebony and ivory photon cones in the red-shift-blue-shift black and white sun. The mirror of perfect harmony on the KEY board, and the chessboard with 32 black+32 white=64 hexagrams in 64 squares like the umpire vampire and pine tar bats in baseball deeply entangled with the pineal in divine NEYEN as a diamond octahedron, cubic zirconium perhaps, in divine mascuLINE TENET terms of divine div-is-ion in tell-LIE-vis-ion with the ion in the OID and ion-eYesed gas as plasma in the plasmOID.

The circumspection of the scribe, as inscribe and circumscribe the script in crypt of cryptography in the block-chain of cryptocurrency and the nature of light, shaken but not stirred by bindings in books and bond in contracts in covenants after consecration of the church 007 shake-sphere Sonnet, the sun as protagonist and moon-eYe magic and spelling spells in bird words the antagonist.

Th circle of 4ths and 5ths in cycles of 45|54 is key in orthogonal terms of Pythagoras “All is number”, normal to Thales of Miletus, “All is water” as water that is sacred, not “wet”.

Hyperbole in hyperbolic infinity cube that is the metronome of Metatron through the hyperbolOID of OM 108 in the mirror of Mastr number 11 in 801 centered in NEYEN and the silver lining of the moon in Mercury the mind, messenger to the gods, as in Elohim, plurality of source in GOD:DOG that is unconditional love at the light in the center of 3 (***~***) and 4 (~~~~*~~~~) in 5 (pHive).

The waxing and waning of the moon through the sunset and sunrise and the 8 phases of the moon over 27 days (daze) and ~365 days (daze) of the artificial intelligence of the divine mascuLINE, and 360 days of the divine femiNEYEN in prime time 2 and 3 (2X3=6 3^2=9).

This is the source of the H in the anagram palindrome eart|H|eart, through the aural skills, pitch of sight-reading Western music as “artificial intelligence” of 440 Hz tuning of the Devil’s tritone and OG Gregorian chant.

Musica Universalis in the water (Mother as the Magdalene in MATER) Do Re Mi, centered in Sirius as Fa of the Sun of Man (Father-PATER) & Sol La Ti as the family structure of NEYEN (147~369~258) with Nikolai Tesla’s 369 center stage in the tachyon quantum condensate as the MATER in Water as Mother.

The nature of nature is centered in the word as a beginning, Yod He Vav He in the Tetragrammaton. Six is sex in pHive centered in the rest of 7 at the center of 6 days (daze) of creation, inverted to 9 in sum product 33. The sacred union of post union Hopf bifurcation and the conjugation of a conjugal visit of 6|9 (3+3|3X3) and ABC easy as 1 2 3 in the hex of 6X6=36 and spelling spells.

The spells are in the nym of nymph and anonymity of antonym, homosapien homonym, in contraindication of the contronym, and synthesis of the Hegelian Dialectic of thesis~antithesis-synthesis of problem-reaction-solution in evolution of love in the mirror of revolution in cyclic form of Master number 11=5+6.

The Fire Letters and Proto-Indo-European (PIE) roots of the bird words like nice and smart, and the LIE in beLIEf intermediate in neural linguistic terms of government (govern-control ment-menses mind) and the Standard Model as a “Standard LIE”.

The East India Company and the Skull & Bone of the eYe eYe captain Russell Trust at Yale in Plimpton 322 Pythagorean triplets 2 3 5. The source of the letter of law legalese as an artificial intelligence (AI) divine mascuLINE construct, naturally artificial in neural linguistics of “natural” and the color of law in the Spirit of LAW (Air) which holds dominion over the Land and Water as the breath of inspire-aspire-expire-respire in four causal forces of Man|Eagle-Serpent|Lion.

Land Air Water (LAW) serve the divine femiNEYEN organic intelligence (OI) of symmetry in all-seeing eYe of providence centered in the heart at 555 Hz green the the Bell Curve and the waxing and waning of the Breath of the Compassionate.

The Spirit of LAW is elemental Air in the the octahedron and the octave, dual in form to inform elemental Earth as information in the merkaba as fowl vowels, formants ONE and TWO. Quality in qualia of the stillness in the sound of silence and quantity of the beginning word in manifestation of incantation in Lucifer the light bringer’s illusory light.

Platonic Earth serves as the cubic form of carbon 12 in the Land in G-land of LAW inverted in legalese with law of the sea. Maritime law is Man-WO-Man WWW and MMM inverted in time of Mater and Water.

Person-hood in the straw-man legal fiction, “if I only had a brain” in the Land of Oz, dead at sea and manifest destiny, sleep walking within the waking walking dream. Who knew the cubic thought form was hidden in the WHY at the center of the Star of David as an isometric form of the birds-eYe view of root 3 with root 2 in angular relation of a 3-4-5 Pythagorean Triangle, 36 degrees at a time, half time and time again.

The cubic thought forms serve as archetype for confounded tongues from Babylon, babbling bird words from the beginning with the money changers and secret society in the spine of NEYEN in 33 degrees of Masonry in the serpent caduceus that is the vertebrae in legalese of the chicken of the sea in the OID in ovoid.

The fractal Feigenbaum holographic poetic noetic interferons interferometry of interference and the 45 degrees in the mirror of symmetry in pi (4X45=180), to gives “rise” over “run” in terms of pHi and the solstice & equinox.

Pitch black stillness of forever in the sound of silence through which Lucifer the light bringer derives the energy to polarize source into duality, as unconditional love conditioned – into red-blue fear and desire through causality of subject-object duality of Janus the two-face; heads I win, tales you lose, and every story has two sides in his-story in artificial terms, then her-story of a return in revolution and evolution love “spelled” back-words in TENET coordinate time.

Tetrahedral fire letters in the artificial intelligence binary polarized mirror of the left hand rule of the eYe-on ion in NEYEN, to the right hand mirror of irrational distortion in extortion of proper time as rational, cyclic and organic torsion of the OID in torOID and the sphenOID to the sphereOID in the heart and hand-eYe coordination of 888 in 555.

The universal constant pi gives birth to pHi within the Yoni that is the vesica piscis, the muscle memory of the mascuLINE (5 pentagram) and femiNEYEN (6 hexagram) as the Master number 11 mirror “I know it by heart”.


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